It was in the first week of september, 2010 that a kitten strayed into our home A.

Definition of our home- My wife and daughter typically stay in this home A in a small town. I stay in another place 250 km away, where I have another home B. We come together during holidays, either at home A or B.

So, it was during the first week of september 2010 that this tiny kitten, barely a week old, alongwith her sibling and mother, strayed into the walls of our home A. My wife, who was leaving for work, accidentally dropped her keys. When she bent down to pick them up, she saw a young kitten nearby, seated with her sibling and mother. My wife went to touch her, this kitten stayed and the other two ran away.

She thought of adopting the kitten as a pet but then dropped the idea, thinking that in case she was destined to have this kitten as her pet, the kitten would come to her again.

A few days later, when it was time for them to join me at home B, my wife once again sighted the same kitten with her sibling. This time my wife decided to keep one of them as a pet.With the help of a neighbour couple, she got hold of this kitten, while her sibling eluded them.

This kitten was inside the home and her sibling who was outside, climbed over a stationary scooter to have a better look at his captured sibling. The two may have exchanged a few thoughts, the way separating twins in Hindi movies often do. My daughter in fact went out to get hold of the other kitten to, hoping to catch him to, but he ran away and thus the two siblings actually ended up getting separated from each other.

The original idea was to play with the kitten and then restore her to her family, but then it was decided to keep her as a pet. The same day we left for our home B in the other town 250 km away, alongwith the kitten.

She was in fact christened while we were driving towards home B. After thinking of a few names, it was decided to call her Snoopy. My wife decided to shorten it to Nuppy. so Nuppy became her “ghar ka naam”.

The kitten herself was not amused during the drive. She created lots of noise for the first one hour or so. Finally, my daughter took her in her lap where she fell asleep.

The kitten did not adjust well initially. She tended to growl at my wife when she tried to show affection on her.My wife in fact decided to show the kitten the door as soon as she went back to home A.

In the beginning, Nuppy was not keen on eating. She would only take milk and rice. We thought that she would be interested in fish, but she took no interest in fish.

While we were preparing to drive back to home A, we found Nuppy missing. Where is she ? You should not have left such a small animal unattended. How could you let such a small pet go missing. Now we have seen the last of her. It is Game Over- I stated.

Just then we saw a small dark shadow adjacent to a curtain. What was there. There she was ! I was mightily relieved. In the coming months, my wife and daughter would use the term “Game Over” to tease me over this matter.